Marketing has, is, and will always play a significant role in the growth and development of businesses, most especially SMEs. Through marketing, SMEs have a better chance of kicking off their sales with a big bang. However, there are still some SME owners who doubt or are unaware of the essential benefits proper marketing can bring.

When SMEs consistently avoid opening their minds about hiring a marketing team, they are more than likely to see these signs appearing slowly in their business journey— until it stops.

Brand Awareness Unfamiliarity

An SME is like a newborn baby. The only difference it has from a real baby is that it needs to put in the effort into getting people to notice what it offers; brand awareness.

When SMEs ignore marketing, their sales would either stay stagnant or decrease.  It would be hard to turn that around and get more customers if an SME doesn’t have a stable marketing strategy.

Staff is Overworked

Let’s say you decide to pass on a few marketing actions to your team. Along with their original tasks, they dive into a field (marketing) which they have to learn and understand from scratch. With added work, your team would experience more stress and fatigue resulting in a decrease in quality and productivity.

The juggling of tasks perfectly coincides with this saying:

“The Jack of all trades and master of none.”

Content is Inconsistent

Ignoring marketing also means ignoring great content. If you want your SME to maintain a professional and uniform tone of voice, get yourself a content writer. Can you imagine what your customers would think if they spot inconsistent grammatical errors in your ads, brochures, copy, email, and website?

Additionally, it is important to be aware that 95% of B2b buyers evaluate a company’s credibility by their content.

Social Media is Silent

For the last few years, social media apps (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, etc.) have been a gold mine for SMEs. It has provided them with leads, conversions, and great testimonials.

Those things can only happen if an SME hires a social media manager that is capable of making the right social media strategy. Without a social media specialist, barely anything will happen to your social media profiles.

Don’t Waste Time

What might hinder some SMEs to have a marketing team is the costs. However, you can always choose to outsource to a BPO company that offers cost-effective digital marketing services; Forward BPO.

Forward BPO is an Australian-owned call centre company that has been in the BPO landscape for a decade. We have consistently helped clients move their company forward by giving them the right team no matter what BPO services they outsourced.

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