Last year, the Global IT industry generated a massive amount of $62 billion in operations. That number only shows how companies, specifically SMEs, value IT tasks as a critical aspect of the success and continuation of their business.

There are different types of IT jobs and services you might want to outsource. Giving you more options to choose the best one suited for your business needs, all of them are guaranteed to carry the same benefits for your business.

Types of Information Services

Desktop Support Specialist

Desktop Support involves the troubleshoot and resolution of any desktop related problems from a computer, laptop, or mobile device.

Help Desk Specialist

The Help Desk Specialist is responsible for offering assistance and support that deal with computer hardware, systems, and software. The answer to queries, isolate a software problem and then formulate alternative solutions.

Web Designer

This service includes designers who use different sets of programs and tools that help create visual elements and layout for a company’s website. They have to know the business’ branding, approach, and style to incorporate the right colours, shapes, and font styles in a layout.

Web Developer

A web developer is responsible for making sure that whatever elements are placed by the web designer, it shouldn’t affect the speed and function of the website. Incorporating the layout and the content, while making sure that the website is user-friendly and optimised.

IT Systems Manager

From the word “Manager” itself, an IT Systems Manager implements and oversees a team of IT experts. Furthermore, they lead the charge in installing, planning, and maintaining software & hardware upgrades of a business.

Software Developer

Without Software developers, apps would cease to exist. These people find ways for the community to have a better and fun experience may it be on a computer, cellphone, television, or laptop.


Reduced Costs

If you want to keep save on operational costs, you should go for outsourcing. Over the years, this has been the driving force of SMEs.

Constant monitoring of your equipment

If you aren’t savvy in IT, you might want to have an IT Systems Manager. He will directly monitor everything and will consistently give updates on the current IT situation for your business.

IT Experts

Through outsourcing, you gain access to international talent and skills. With a great team, you are more likely to avoid any critical business downfall due to IT.

Improve Productivity

By having fully functional computer systems, apps, and software, your employees will have no problem in delivering excellent customer service.

Keeps you Focused

There is absolutely nothing wrong with learning IT skills and techniques. However, just like any other complex work, it takes time to master straining you from doing business growth initiatives. Leave the IT tasks to the right professionals—and join in the fun once you fully mastered it.

Get a Dedicated Team

As an Australian BPO company, Forward BPO believes that success lies in two things: dedication and skills.

In every BPO outsourcing services we have, we place so much importance in training agents. Clients can outsource a number of services they want ranging from technical support, information technology services, online research, and telemarketing—and all areas are composed of a dedicated and skilled team.

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