We have always emphasized the impact of outsourcing on businesses, especially the benefits it brings to SMEs. With offshore companies offering numerous cost-effective outsourcing services such as IT, HR, technical support, and call center, startups have the chance to make a mark in the business landscape— and perhaps for a long time.

As the practice of outsourcing becomes rampant, specific trends will influence how businesses in Australia will thrive and use it to its advantage over the next couple of years. Read on to know what the different outsourcing trends are.

Increased Popularity

Outsourcing is increasing its popularity in Australia. Its revenue has consistently grown by an average of 1.2% per year dating back to 2013 until 2018. Additionally, projected revenue of 32 billion dollars is expected to be one of the outsourcing trends in 2019.

The increase in popularity shows how more companies are leaning on outsourcing every year to boost their overall  business growth.

Commonly Outsourced

There are numerous outsourcing services that SMEs can choose to avail offshore. In Australia, however, outsourcing functions such as call center services, IT, debt collection, finance, and human resources will continue to be the commonly outsourced services in the future.


For the longest time, this has been the primary reasons why businesses are opting to outsource— with no signs of going away. SMEs over the past few years were saved from spending a huge amount of money in operational costs due to outsourcing.

A Surge in Virtual Employment

Outsourcing virtual assistants have worked wonders for the growth of SMEs partly because of the fact that they are skilled in a number of areas. The other reason why the number of employed virtual assistants is rising is because of the consistent development of management tools and software that makes tasks faster and easier to do.

Intelligent Tools

Another trend in the coming years is the development of different robotic automation tools. These tools are projected to be more intelligent due to the addition of embedded context awareness that will include a natural language processor and computer vision. With this, it solidifies an offshore company’s credibility in having the advance tech.

More use of Cloud Tech

Different kinds of businesses are starting to rely on cloud-based technology when it comes to the protection of their data and computing power. Because of this, firms will add more features to their cloud products to help companies improve their working efficiency in the coming years.

Will Outsourcing Importance Grow in the Future?

Yes. The growth of outsourcing will always coincide with the development of technology. With that, SMEs must be careful in choosing an outsourcing company to partner. They should not only have the tech, but also the resources to acquire new ones. This is what Forward BPO practices.

Forward BPO is an Australian owned call centre outsourcing company based in the Philippines. We make it a priority to have the latest tech and to adapt to different outsourcing trends that can help us drive our clients to the right direction.

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