If you are in real estate, you may have noticed that virtual assistants are becoming in demand in this line of industry. With an ever-increasing desire for people wanting to acquire properties, it is safe to say that the real estate industry is still flourishing to date. 


Realtors are working double time, having plentiful tasks in order to achieve the big sale. Thus, by passing on non-core tasks to a virtual assistant, Realtors have more time and focus in closing a deal. With benefits from not needing to pay for office space while being able to pass on a seemingly heavy workload, a virtual assistant is truly a helpmate for you and your real estate business! 



Virtual assistants mostly specialize in a certain skill set that gives them an edge to be more potentially hired than those who don’t. It also helps potential employers lessen their burden of sourcing the right candidate. At most times, virtual assistants who specialize in a skill set tend to focus on specific industries relating to their niche. 


A real estate virtual assistant could be someone you might be interested in hiring in order for you to delegate your tasks as a Realtor – helping you organize your schedule in a timely manner, getting you more listings and helping you close more deals. 


Generally speaking, there are a lot of benefits in hiring a real estate virtual assistant. It is greatly cost-efficient as you do not need to pay for office space since they work remotely; it greatly helps you increase efficiency, enabling you to utilize time and core responsibilities better by passing on non-core tasks; and it maximizes ways helping you improve your sales conversion!



You might be wondering what tasks you can delegate to a real estate virtual assistant. Below is a list of top ten tasks on how a virtual assistant can better help you and your real estate business:


  • Calendar Management / Appointment Scheduling
  • A virtual assistant can also manage your calendar schedule and all appointments that go along with it. They can set up reminders for you and efficiently organize your calendar to ensure everything is updated and on track. 
  • Blog Writing
  • A virtual assistant is a great help in boosting your marketing efforts and initiatives. One task in particular is content writing. They can write contents for your blogging platforms and help you maximize ways for your target audience to notice you.
  • Bookkeeping
  • There’s no need for you to hire a costly bookkeeper as a virtual assistant can do this task remotely. They can help you keep track of your expenses, bills, reimbursements, payroll and other financial data in a coherent system and ensure organization.
  • Customer Service
  • A virtual assistant can also be your customer service representative. They can take calls and handle calls for you, respond to queries and clarify concerns through channels such as phone, live chat or email. 
  • Database Management
  • As a Realtor, you may have used a handful of sites to list all of your properties. Going through each one individually might be a hassle. A virtual assistant can help you manage and maintain your listings through a database system to ensure you that all listings are up to date.
  • Data Entry
  • A virtual assistant can help you with your data entry tasks. They can input large amounts of data into the database system and efficiently manage them with organization and accuracy.
  • Data Mining / Lead Generation
  • Delegate the task of researching potential leads to your virtual assistant. They can extract buyer information from across the internet through the use of software platforms. They can even dig up from your old listings and find potential buyers.
  • Lead Qualifying and Appointment Setting
  • You wouldn’t have to worry about cold calling your lead list, which can be very time consuming. With the list of data mined leads, a virtual assistant can help you contact each lead list and set up appointments for qualified ones. 
  • Mail Management
  • As a Realtor, you may be flooded with hundreds of emails on a daily basis, making you miss the important ones. They can help you manage and organize your mails, appropriating every email to its corresponding files, labels and or action items.
  • Social Media Management
  • Businesses know the benefits of building a powerful social media presence. Doing this alone is an ordeal but with a virtual assistant, you wouldn’t have to worry about who can keep all your social media platforms up to date. Not only can they interact with your audience online but they can also create engaging content for social media posts and manage social media campaigns to help boost your online presence.  



If you are considering hiring a real estate virtual assistant, the next step is knowing the right platform to look for one. Of course, everything is done online nowadays so you can post your job listing in freelance marketplaces or outsource a virtual assistant from reputable outsourcing companies. 


Outsourcing would better help you find the perfect virtual assistant as outsourcing companies would take the matters in their own hands. You wouldn’t have to worry about where to find them and if you could find the perfect one because you surely will. 

If you wish to know more about virtual assistant services or if you are planning to outsource one, contact us at Forward BPO. Together, let’s move forward!