Small businesses nowadays are opting to outsource to offshore companies. They choose to do so because it gives them the chance to save big on operational costs providing more time to do central business responsibilities while offshore agents handle the rest. Additionally, outsourcing saves enterprises from falling. In fact, 80% of Australian companies were spared from the 2008 global financial crisis. With this, it strengthens the relevance of outsourcing.

If you’re planning to outsource, you need to know how the entire process of it works. Read on as we explain to you the steps in the outsourcing process.


Before you attempt to outsource, you have to answer these 3 questions:


“Is it important?”

“Is it necessary?”

Answering these questions can help you decide if your current business situation really calls for the need to outsource certain services. Additionally, you have to identify potential risk factors and have a contingency plan for each. Know what happens to your current employees, customers, and investors before making any decision.

Overall, all you need to do is assess and understand if your business can live with the benefits of outsourcing more than the cons.

Research and Partner

Once your team agrees with your plans to outsource, proceed now in researching for  international BPO companies that happen to offer the services your industry needs. Make a list and call each and one of them to know what makes them different from any other BPO company.

In researching, consider their experience in the business, pricing, testimonials from clients and former employees, location, and management. Furthermore, it is advisable to visit their office and ask questions. Once you narrow your choices to one, pick up the phone and strike a partnership deal.

Transfer the Responsibilities

After the partnership deal, hand over the necessary duties and responsibilities in full detail to your BPO partner. Also, make sure you explain to your BPO partner what you want, need, and expect in terms of the employees they hire in each of the services you outsourced.

 Wait and Evaluate

In this final step, all you need to do is observe and track the progress. See if your business is truly growing in terms of customer service ratings, reviews, and sales.  This allows you to decide if you want to extend or end the partnership with your current BPO provider.

 Is it Time?

Consider the steps above to help you decide if availing for BPO services is worth it.  If you ever do decide to partner with a BPO company that sticks true to what they advertise and market, FORWARD BPO is just that and has been for almost a decade. We are a BPO company that offers a wide range of services such as customer service, live chat, inbound/outbound sales, and after-hours call answering. Visit our Services Page now to know the other services we have that is guaranteed to move your company forward.

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