The IT industry can never truly flourish and be of use without the presence of a Service Desk. The service desk acts as a bridge between the IT service provider and its users.

They handle the incidents, ticket requests, and implement effective solutions and workflow processes.

Being known as the single point of contact for the General IT systems support, companies should look to have only the best individuals—and the statistics back that up.

Service Desk Statistics

More Human than Tech

Companies pay 68.5% of their service desk budget on staffs and 9.3% goes to the tech being used.

Training Hours 

Newly hired service desk employees go through 10 to 80 hours of training.

Happy Employees = Happier Customers

When given consistent training and a happy environment, desk employees get more productive resulting in higher customer satisfaction rates and lower absenteeism.

Amount of Tickets

Help desk teams receive a staggering average of 492 tickets per month according to Zendesk.

First Point of Contact and Solution

Despite being the first level of contact by the customers, they average a high-resolution rate of 74.3%.

By reading those statistics alone, you can actually feel that service desk employees are pressured to solve everything at the first point of contact. With this, it brings them a bunch of challenges.

Challenges of Service Desk Staff

Time Lost and Longer Resolutions

As the tech industry continues to provide faster and convenient ways for customers, the demand for swifter troubleshooting actions increases too.

When companies lack the tech needed to promote faster work-processes, problems are solved longer than usual resulting in loss of productivity time.

Numerous Requests = Low-Quality Work

On any given day, service desk employees might receive more complaints and enquiries than they bargain for. If there exists a standard resolution time, employees might be forced to solve issues faster leaving it half-baked.

Easy and Repetitive Tasks

Sometimes, service desks are called to solve problems that can easily be solved by the user. That may not be a problem at first, but if more similar tickets come in, it restrains service desk employees from solving complex issues. What can help solve this is coherent FAQs and easy access to the right information.

Despite challenges that centre on time and loss of productivity, there are still benefits companies and consumers can both enjoy, specifically when you outsource.

Benefits of Service Desk Outsourcing

Access and Availability

You can choose to have a team of desk service employees available around the clock for 24 hours, 7 days a week leaving no issue unanswered.

Cost Friendly

The practice of outsourcing, no matter what service you avail, always gives you the chance to save bigger expenses.

Experienced and Knowledgeable Individuals

Outsourcing gives you access to a pool of talented and experienced service desk professionals around the world.

Faster Resolutions

With world-class individuals, you can expect better effort and resolution time with customer issues.

Get the Best Team

When it comes to making sure your customers are satisfied, our technical support services team will take care of that. As an Australian BPO company, Forward BPO aims to develop and train its employees to the best version of what they can be in any of the BPO outsourcing services that we offer.

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