Direct mail may be outdated for some companies, but businessmen worth their salt know there’s value in investing in this marketing strategy. It’s critical in this day and age; however, you need to choose the right people and the right materials to get the desired results. Here’s a simple guide to help you create your own direct mail marketing list.

1. Determine your purpose

Before you start jotting down names for your list, identify your primary objective first. Whether it’s to produce more leads, introduce new products or services, or increase your sales with promotional offers, your goal will form the basis for targeting customers and presenting your message. Also, be time-specific, so you can efficiently monitor the campaign’s progress and results.

2. Work out your ideal profile for your leads

Come up with a description for the kind of customers you would like to be included in your list. You can write down the demographics, psychographics, their wants and needs, and even scenarios in which they can use your product or service. These little but significant details will help you keep track of high-quality leads, which can turn into sales, improve your conversion rate, and increase your marketing ROI.

3. Decide on how and where to obtain your list

Look at your current database to see if there are some customers who meet the criteria for your target market. Once you’ve done that, your next best action is to purchase a list from a third party to grow your leads. You can opt for companies who specialize in maintaining consumer directories, and market research firms who focus on gathering data.

4. Check the accuracy of your data

Once you have the list in your hands, go one step further and verify if the list shows the correct details. This is especially important if your database has not been updated in the past months. It will take slightly more time and effort, but will help you confirm that your materials will reach the right people. If you’re buying the list from a service provider, you can ask them how recent the list is.

The success of your marketing campaign will in part depend on your direct mail marketing list. This is why you should choose a direct mail marketing list from a reliable provider. Forward BPO, a business process outsourcing company in the Philippines, offers various lead generation services for sales and marketing purposes. Get in touch with us today for solutions to your business needs.