For many businesses, having a physical presence (e.g. a store in a mall) isnt enough or practical anymore. Thus, more and more entrepreneurs are going online, building websites for their brands.

When you establish a website, you will ultimately encounter two important factors: web design and web development. These two factors are seen as crucial first steps in building a website. If these two aren’t properly planned and executed, your site—as a whole and its individual pages—won’t reach its full potential.

But how do you distinguish between these two factors and how do they relate to each other? Here we discuss the importance of knowing the link between web design and web development, especially in terms of building a great website.

Web Design

Lets start with understanding what web design is. Web design is basically the aesthetic component of a website. The web designer plans and drafts the website’s layout, visual theme, and colour scheme, among others, guided by the client’s branding guidelines or requests.

According to research, 38% of visitors will seek another website if your website’s layout is unattractive. This statistic alone tells us just how vital web design is.

Since web designers handle the aesthetics, they use various digital tools to help them craft a visually-pleasing website such as Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator. A skilled web designer also uses different design principles to help create a website that’s both attractive and in line with the business’ values and goals.

Now, let’s define what web development is.

Web Development

Web development is all about building a functioning website. Web developers create a website’s core structure through the use of complex coding languages. They also create plain text pages and complex web-based applications.

Web development also entails increasing a websites speed. This is an important facet of web development since faster loading speeds can prevent losing possible conversions.

Like web designers, web developers also use a number of tools and systems to assist them in building a website such as HTML, JavaScripit, and CSS.

Now that we have defined each, let’s discuss how they are linked to each other.

The Connection

To understand the link between web design and web development, think of the relationship between an architect and construction workers and engineers.

Before you build a building, it has to have a design. This involves items such as the overall shape of the structure, how the roof will look like, and the number of floors. For an architect’s design to be translated into physical form, construction workers and engineers are needed. Their job is to find the right tools and materials as well as planning and doing the physical work of actually building the structure.

If you compare this situation to creating a website, the architect is the web designer and the construction workers and engineers are the web developer.

Web designers and web developers must work together to create a website that’s both aesthetically pleasing and fully functional. This is what links them togetherthe goal to bring a working and brilliant website design into life without compromising functionality and online goals.

The thing is, both sides must work well individually and as a tandem. You can’t have only one “good side” as this will ultimately result in a sub-par final product. For example, in this case, if the design elements are too complicated or resource-intensive (needs more computing power to load and be displayed), page speed might slow down or the website might not render properly on certain devices.

On the other hand, if the website’s pages, content, and back-end or framework arent coded right, the site’s functionality might be compromised, resulting in bugs and glitches. No matter how good it looks, if it doesn’t work as intended, the website won’t deliver the results you want.

Get the Right Team to Help Build Your Online Presence

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