We’ve already established that outsourcing reduces labor costs and provides a number of other significant benefits as well such as allowing you to concentrate on your business’ core activities. Another advantage is that it does not have to be limited to just one task. You can outsource two or more tasks depending on your business’ needs. Here are the best business functions to outsource.

1. Customer service
Possibly the top function that most businesses outsource to a call center company in the Philippines, customer service is vital to retaining your customers and strengthening their loyalty to your brand. When you outsource customer care, this ensures that there is always someone available to take care of your customer’s concerns. You can even choose to provide extended hours or round the clock support so that your customers can contact your company anytime.

2. Marketing programs and market research
There are various methods for gathering data or for disseminating information for your marketing programs and your outsourced agents can manage these different channels for you. Whether it’s by phone or email, your BPO service provider can communicate with your customers and collect the data you need or let your customers know about your services, products and promos.

3. Technical Support
Another task commonly outsourced is technical support. Customers, especially new ones, appreciate a good walk-through and often need immediate assistance troubleshooting any errors or malfunctions in their product. Outsourcing this process enables you to deliver timely quality technical support to your customers, which you can also choose to offer through multiple channels such as phone, live chat and email.

4. Sales
If you want a team of experts dedicated to speaking with your potential customers, determining their needs and offering them the product best suited for them, outsourcing assures you of gaining such a team. Aside from that, an outsourced sales team can also be utilized for generating more leads and cold calling.

5. Content writing
More businesses are also looking to outsourcing companies for personnel experienced in writing that can assist in creating content for their websites, printed sales materials and marketing promos. While it may be challenging and time-consuming for you to find staff with these qualifications, outsourcing companies often have access to a larger pool of applicants with more skills such as these.

6. Administrative work
From data entry and email responses to scheduling and travel arrangements, BPO service providers are up to the job. Many of them have virtual assistants who specialize in this kind of back office administrative work. Letting them take care of these day to day, non-urgent tasks gives you the freedom to focus on the main areas of your business.

7. Bookkeeping tasks
In connection to administrative work, some virtual assistants are also qualified for bookkeeping and other financial tasks. Especially for those whose businesses are growing, you need to be certain your bookkeeping and financial documents are properly documented and organized and BPO providers have teams of individuals who can concentrate on this job for you and produce results more quickly.

8. Website design and management
As more and more customers can now be found online and a good number have also turned to online shopping, it becomes essential to have an attractive and user-friendly website. Your website serves a similar purpose to your brick and mortar store and can bring in more customers or conversely, turn them away from your brand. It’s not that easy to find experts, though, who can design and manage your website for you at a more practical cost but with outsourcing, you can easily find competent personnel.

9. Social Media Management
With the growing popularity of social media, businesses are already expected to have at least one updated social media account. Companies can also find social media managers in BPO companies or virtual assistants who are familiar with social media use and who can post updates and other information on their accounts, connect with their customers and increase their number of followers.

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