In Outsourced Business Process Services | 50 Possible Virtual Assistant Tasks, we have presented how flexible and skilled virtual assistants can be in doing multiple tasks for their clients. Their flexibility allows owners and their in-house staff to focus on doing revenue-generating responsibilities—one of its many advantages.

Virtual Assistants are believed to be “the extra pair of hands working on your business during peak times“. With that in mind, it wouldn’t be strange if we see this outsourcing trend to develop and gain more popularity in the years to come.

Still its Cost-cutting Ability
Virtual Assistants can be found in BPO outsourcing services. As it is under the umbrella of outsourcing, VA services carry outsourcing’s cost-saving ability. You save more money for future investments and at the same time, gain valuable employees.

Seniors Have More Employment Opportunities
As the years go by, it is expected that retired professionals can opt to work part-time with different companies as a virtual assistant. Depending on the need of the company, it gives seniors the chance to still practice and earn from their skills—saving more money for a retirement vacation!

Work-life balance
An employee looks good, feels better, and does more if he/she practices a work-life balance routine. This is likely to happen if one works as a virtual assistant as they are offered with fixed rest days and flexible shifts where they can choose the right time that meets their needs. With this, they are earning money while having the right time for their families and themselves. 

More Valued Workers = Productivity
A study conducted by the Canada Life Group concluded that workers are 12% more productive when they feel secure and appreciated. One of the biggest factors is the type of environment they are working for, thus, it’s necessary to not only provide your employees with the necessary equipment but also to build a culture where they are motivated and valued. 

It’s a win-win for both the company and its employees.

In-office Positions To Virtual Assistant Positions
As a Virtual Assistant position provides more opportunities to be productive and maintain a work-life balance, it can be predicted that more business owners might opt to turn office-based jobs to virtual assistant positions. With this, it will greatly reduce the overall costs such as office spaces, seats, leasing, and equipment.

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