Sales-Driven Professionals to
Maximise Your Resources

Having the right people in your business is crucial to maximise your resources for growth and sales increase—build a topnotch sales team through a reliable sales services provider. Looking for these sales-driven individuals requires time and effort and not all small to medium businesses can take a layoff just to look for recruits. Thus, it’s important to have the right service provider whose existing talent pool can surely help you find the right professionals for your team. 

This is where Forward BPO comes to play, we specialised in several services both for inbound and outbound sales. In addition, our talented agents can surely help you attract new customers, retain loyal customers and market your products and/or services effectively—it’s time to outsourced telemarketing services. 

First, let’s discuss the difference between inbound and outbound sales so that we’ll choose the right service that is tailored to fit your business needs and goals. 

 What is Inbound Sales? 

Inbound sales also known as “warm calling” is the practice of prioritising the customers’ needs, wants, goals, and interests. There is already a point of contact as it is the lead who initiated the call to connect with your sales representatives. In order to nurture this interest coming from the potential buyer, the salesperson should work to meet the consumers needs and properly guide them to what product and/or service they will need, there should be a pace in addressing the customer’s concerns first before closing the sales. 

It’s important that the salesperson should be able to analyse the buyer’s behaviour during the entire call to be able to craft a helpful and personalised sales approach for each buyer.

What is Outbound Sales? 

Outbound sales, on the other hand, is known as the “cold calling” where the salesperson are the ones who pick up the phone and dial-up potential customers from their end. Contact numbers of potential customers are usually taken from a phone directory and/or lead list and the initial contact is to be done by placing “cold calls” to potential buyers. 

Outbound sales are more challenging compared to inbound sales since the selling is more aggressive. This is also known as the act of “pushing” your message to a large number of potential customers who may or may not need and/or interested in what you offer. 

Due to the nature of outbound selling as a velocity-driven sales approach, you need agents who know the end and out of your products and/or services to be able to answer any questions coming from the potential customers while still building interest. Sales executed this way are often finished in a few—if not a single—steps and sometimes the potential customer wants to be called back or want to schedule an appointment.  

Benefits of Having a Solid Sales Team  

With a solid sales team comes more opportunities to close sales. As you choose the right sales methodology, consider your target market and the nature of your business. Is it something that’s already built around brand awareness campaigns that potential buyers are the ones whose calling? Or are you still building your product and/or service authority that you need your sales team to be the one who’ll initiate the calls? 

It’s all about options and as you decide which one best fit your business, don’t hesitate to talk with us by sending us a message or filling out our form. Let’s discuss what you need and let’s start from there—to move you FORWARD.

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