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Our Location

Forward BPO is located in the Philippines—one of the best BPO destinations world-wide. Our office is located at FPN EPIC Centre, A. S. Fortuna St, Mandaue City, 6014 in Cebu City. With this, our clients won’t have trouble traveling to our headquarters as it is just 8 kilometers away from the airport and 5 minutes from the mall.

Additionally, we have a wide canteen area, convenience store, and a parking lot to make our clients’ and employees’ lives more convenient.

Operations Floor

Forward BPO has 880+ seats settled in three operation floors that are only accessible by a proximity card. Each floor has four bays with individual stations possessing two dual monitors with backup UPS power providing an employee’s productivity. 

To tighten security, we have installed several 24/7 CCTV cameras across all floors.

Our Training Room

We at Forward BPO seek to present all of our clients the best agents—which starts in the training room. We hold at least 1-2 training rooms per floor that are intended to support different training stages and needs for our agents and new-hires. To improve their learning environment, we provide several monitors, headsets, speakers, projectors, and air conditioning.

Along with our experienced trainers, we assume nothing but the best for our agents when they walk out on their last day of training.

Data Security

One of the worst business ordeals a client could experience is an infringement in their data server. That wouldn’t happen here in Forward BPO. We are a certified PCI DSS compliant which means that our data system is extremely secure and equipped with adaptive firewall systems and strict protection policies.

Furthermore, our server room is fully air-conditioned and constantly monitored by reliable IT technicians. Our redundancy protocol guarantees that our servers are fully operational and can work for 24 hours a day seven days a week.

Why Choose Forward BPO

Our more than a decade of experience and continuously executing at a high level is what makes us a valuable partner to any small to medium businesses. We work hard and smart to get where we are now and that is what we aim to provide and is provided to our clientele. We are also aware that not all business solutions today are customisable and/or tailored to fit specific business needs that’s why we take pride in our services that is able to answer many industry demands.

Our excellent team prioritises good work, exceptional service, impeccable quality, brilliant ideas and a long-term solution to our clients paired with our latest technology. We believe we’re great and are capable, given that what we do allocates to good track record and client testimonials to support. 

On top of all of these, we work harder and are more friendly towards our clients to build a longstanding relationship with them. If you are now ready to move forward and want to be one of our clients whom we helped address challenges and leverage opportunities, send us a message today or click the button below to get you started.