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To be honest, I was pretty hesitant to start a service with them as I just heard about outsourcing, but I tell you I would have regretted it if I didn’t take the offer. I’ve been working closely with Forward for 6 years now to offer a much more streamlined technical support to my consumers and moving now to processing my business’ data. They are very accommodating and helpful. Definitely a must know service/s.

Lucas T

They answered my needs in handling my business finances and management. With their service, I was able to focus on my business meetings and other activities without worrying about my support team. I even requested to know the progress through a monthly report and until now, they haven’t failed to do so. I can even check with my team anytime I want as long as I have free time, which is pretty convenient.

Olivia J

The best part about being a client of Forward was meeting their CEO, he was very accommodating and I even had an office tour. He’s pretty funny and certainly knows about what my business needs and the right solutions to have. Running 3 years with them now.

Scott C

With Forward, my business was able to run a successful warm lead Outbound campaign. The team’s dedication towards our campaign has been very helpful. I also commend their transparency and contact-ability that made the service smooth sailing.

Emma R

I’ve been with Forward for almost 7 years now they’ve been my service provider for customer service which significantly increased my customer retention. I also outsourced a digital marketing team with them, to whom I have a regular zoom calls every day. They are pretty fun-loving people and are very professional.

Sandra G

I started with Forward a portion of our Inbound Sales campaign, they significantly surpassed the performance of our Australian based agents. We have now moved all of our customer-facing operations with them, including Customer Service, 24/7 Chat, and email.

Harry B

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