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We all desire to create meaningful interactions with our customers. Meaningful interactions can lead to several advantages for your company namely brand awareness, a surge in sales, and a boost in satisfaction rates.

Those interactions can occur anywhere.

As a customer support call center, we have different cost-efficient channels giving more accessibility to your customers. With this, they have the option to select any channel to send their questions and concerns. These are Forward BPO’s customer support outsourcing services:

Phone Support

This channel allows customers to communicate concerns through the phone. Also, they have access to real-time solutions recommended by skilled customer service professionals.

Email Support

For customers who have fun writing in full detail their concerns, our email support teams are always on the go. They are the most reliable in answering questions in the most precise yet promptest way possible.

Live Chat

When a customer goes through your website, they’ll have questions in mind about your product and services. Through the use of live chat, they will immediately get answers to those questions. They can expect fast replies and up-to-date emails revealing detailed information and sometimes visual guides depending on the inquiry.

Social Media

In the last few years, we have seen the expansion of social media’, particularly in presenting brands a bigger avenue to increase awareness.

When your company is present on different social media platforms, it will be easier for future customers to communicate with you through a messaging app and the comment section. With that, our digital marketing team will be there responding to queries on time.

Regardless of what channel they choose to avail, they are ensured to interact with outstanding Customer Service professionals.

We are FORWARD BPO, a customer contact outsourcing company ready to give you the best options in serving your customers better

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