Build Your Own Sales Team with
Outsourced Telemarketing Services

Having the right people in your business is crucial to maximize your resources for growth and sales increase—build a topnotch sales team through a reliable sales services provider. Looking for these sales-driven individuals requires time and effort and not all small to medium businesses can take a layoff just to look for new recruits. Thus, it’s important to have the right service provider whose existing talent pool can surely help you find the right professionals for your team. 

This is where Forward BPO comes in, we specialized in several services both for inbound and outbound sales. In addition, our talented agents can surely help you attract new customers, retain loyal customers and market your products and/or services effectively—it’s time to outsourced telemarketing services.

First, let’s discuss the difference between inbound and outbound sales so that we’ll choose the right service that is tailored to fit your business needs and goals.

What is Inbound Sales? 

  • Right from the start, your representatives will be equipped with the mastery of your products and services in order to correctly and confidently handle inquiries from customers who call in. 
  • Aside from product knowledge, your sales team will be trained on how to convey the right message to your customers in a friendly but professional manner. 
  • We then identify your customer’s wants and needs and match this to the product best suited for him or her.  This is to ensure your customers will be satisfied with the product they receive. 
  • Once we’ve assisted the customer in deciding on the product they want, we follow through by taking their order and letting them know what to expect.  The processing of orders accurately and recording of information is highly important to make sure customers receive their exact order on time every time. 

What is Outbound Sales?

  • We support your marketing campaigns by sourcing and finding leads for you.  Through B2B lead generation, we can help you discover more potential customers.
  • We also offer telemarketing services.  Our representatives, your sales team, are trained staff who can respond fluently to consumers, build a connection with them, comprehend their preferences and explain your products and services clearly and in detail. 
  • Scheduling appointments is another critical service we can perform for your business.  Finding prospective clients and making first contact through appointment setting can be a time-consuming endeavor but it pays off in the long run. 
  • You can also make use of our surveys and market research service to know more about your customers and competitors as well as get feedback from your customers to help improve your products and services.

With a solid sales team comes more opportunities to close sales. Get to know the options that you have and as you decide which one best fits your business, don’t hesitate to talk with us by sending us a message or filling out our form. Let’s discuss what you need and let’s start from there—to move you FORWARD.

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