While administrative tasks are crucial for a business to function properly, it takes owners and decision makers away from their core business functions. This is all too common for small businesses where one has to multitask in an effort to cover various day-to-day admin tasks. When you don’t have the capacity to employ a full-time admin person, what’s the next step? The answer is outsourcing to providers that offer various administrative services


Partnering with a firm has become a good solution for manpower or resource problems. This type of business relationship allows clients access to experienced talent. This means cost and time savings for you as your outsourced staff already has the needed knowledge and can easily learn your company’s platforms, systems, and procedures. 

Other benefits would include: 

  • Flexibility to scale up or down depending on your  business requirements. Two good examples are tax season and annual reporting where one could use an extra person to organize and present big data. 
  • Efficiency and improvement of processes. Less time spent on admin activities means more time for management tasks. You get to look at your company’s processes and focus on what your leaders have to say suggest. Together, you can assess what works and what doesn’t until all processes have been streamlined. 
  • Acquisition of new knowledge and technology. With outsourcing, clients get to take advantage of the company’s talent and systems that in the past maybe too expensive for them to access. 
  • Reduced overhead cost. Things like employee leaves (sickness and maternity, government-mandated contributions, holiday pay, office space, insurance, training, and recruitment cost are no longer shouldered by the client but by the provider. 


Roles that You can Hire

There’s a good variety of professionals that one can get to handle their admin work. Depending on what tasks they need outsourced or the level of expertise needed, they can opt for: 

  • Admin Assistant/Manager
  • Helpdesk 
  • Client Relations Officer 
  • Customer Support Agent
  • Personnel Coordinator,
  • General Secretary 


Examples of Admin Tasks that Can be Outsourced

  • Human resource tasks 
  • Email handling 
  • Diary Management 
  • Booking (travel and accommodation)
  • Database Management 
  • Reports and presentations
  • Basic marketing tasks 
  • Virtual assistant services 


Expand Your Business 

Grab the opportunity to grow your business through outsourcing. Focus on strategies and not on those recurring, monotonous tasks. When you have more time in your hands, you can do more for your business. And we at Forward BPO can help you out with that. Talk to Us to discuss what are the customized and flexible solutions that we can offer to you.