Stop whatever you are doing right now and ask yourself this: Are you busy? As a business owner, of course you are. Follow up question: Are you currently working on tasks that are in line with your core business functions? If you say you’re busy but not with the core stuff, you and your company are headed towards a downward spiral. Before this happens, learn to delegate tasks or, better yet, get a virtual assistant (VA).

You are probably asking yourself now if you should get one or not. To help you decide, here are three of biggest reasons why getting a VA is one of the best decisions you can make for your business.


Here’s an overview of the tasks that your VA can take care on your behalf:

  • File Management
  • Appointment Setting
  • Calendar Management
  • Basic Reports and Slideshows
  • Follow Ups
  • Email Management
  • Answer Calls
  • Respond to Email Inquiries
  • Booking and Reservations
Doing the above tasks can easily take up a fifth of your time (daily). Freeing yourself from all these means you have an extra day to actually focus on high value activities. You have more time meet with clients, oversee your organization’s overall strategy, touch base with your executive leaders, evaluate goals, participate in events related to your industry, and many more.
Getting a third party service for your virtual assistance needs means you get to reduce the cost associated with acquiring and maintaining manpower. Things like utilities, office space and equipment, taxes, and mandated benefits will now be your provider’s responsibility. This is an ideal situation especially for startups.
Hiring and maintaining in-house staff can be a problem especially when your company experiences slow months. However, outsourcing makes things easier for you as it gives you the chance to make adjustments. Aside from off peak seasons, you can get people to work on a project-based basis. A good example of this is when you need web design services but do not have the means or feel the need to setup your own web team.
Deal with the overflow and spend more time executing by having a good VA at your side. With the help of an outsourcing company in the Philippines, you can stay on top of things and even have the opportunity to do more with your time and resources. Contact us today.